PremChand Biography In Hindi is a biography written by PremChand. PremChand was born in North India, but he spent most of his life in England. PremChand has written many books and his writing is mostly based on his experiences.

PremChand Biography In Hindi: Premhand was born in India, but he spent most of his life in England. He is an essayist, poet and novelist with a keen interest in Indian history. This book is the autobiography of Prem Chand.

The book talks about his childhood days, family background, marriage and their relationship and some events that happened during those days. It also contains some letters to the children

Prem Chand Biography

Prem Chand’s life has been eventful. He is the only person to have become a Nobel Laureate without being an academician, a commando, or someone who had any academic training in the sciences.

His own achievements have given him such acclaim that he has been awarded every possible honour including: India’s second highest civilian award; the nation’s third highest civilian award; and India’s highest civilian award, Bharat Ratna. Prem Chand was born in a Chand family in 1946.

His mother died when he was only two years old and his father was posted abroad. So, from the age of 10, he started attending boarding school. He studied at Benaras Hindu University where he obtained an M Sc degree in Physics from the University of London and a Ph D from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur.

Prem Chand Biography Prem Chand’s life has been eventful. He is the only child of his parents. His father was a teacher in a school owned by the British.

He took to music at an early age and started playing the dhnu, which is a traditional Indian musical instrument classified as an Indian lute in which different strings are plucked with two fingers while the thumb press down on or presses against them. He became famous by the name of “Saadhu”. Saadhu was interested in art and culture and had good taste in music. In fact, he


Prem Chand was born in a small town called Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh. There he received his early education from a Hindu missionary school. He studied at the Christian college of Kharidabad, now Bhagalpur University.

From there he went to the United States for further studies. He was a student of English and social science at several Universities, including Harvard, Columbia and Cornell Universities. Prem Chand is married to Smt Chhaya Pandey who is the founder of Nari Nirman Kendra (foster home).

Raj Kumar Chakravarty, founder of Jan-Natya Sankul: Raj Kumar Chakravarty was born in Kolkata and had his early education in Kolkata


Prem Chand Singh was born on September 30th, 1902 in a small city of Punjab called Moga. He spent the early years of his life living with his parents and working as a farmer.

After lots of hard work, he graduated from the local high school in 1925 with a mere 5% tuition fee. Although he didn’t have much money to continue his education, he managed to find a scholarship for 5 years from Jain Thakur Sabha and 3 months of scholarships from the government. He graduated from the college of Arts and Science in 1932 with a B.A degree.

In 1933, he was accepted into Punjab University for his postgraduate studies. He was awarded an M.A degree by 1935.

It was at this time that Prem Chand Singh first began to think about a career in politics or government service because of the importance of education and leadership roles that were available as well as being offered to him by various political parties. But his family did not approve of him becoming

Premchand Biography In Hindi

Early Life in Politics

Prem Chand was born into a Brahmin family in 1878. His father, Hargobind Rai, was the first Prime Minister of the princely state of Nabha and a cabinet minister in British India. Prem Chand studied at government schools and learned about politics from his father. He also worked for his father’s company as well as for the Company Raj before joining politics himself with the Indian National Congress.

Before the First World War, Prem Chand’s home state of Nabha was under British control. The Maharaja of Nabha was an outspoken critic of the British rule and had been imprisoned several times by them.

He was released only after his death in 1898. The next year, he became a Member of the Legislative Council and served until his death in 1905. His son Prem Chand joined politics at this time as well and served two terms on the Legislative council before being elected to the Imperial Legislative

Life and Times of Premchand

Premchand was one of the most prolific Hindi authors. He is considered to be the Father of Modern Hindi Literature. Premchand is credited with introducing symbolism, romanticism, and mysticism into Indian literature.

Many of his short stories are often used to teach children about social issues like poverty, corruption, and hunger. Premchand is also a very well known poet, having written more than 80 short stories and seven novels.

He was born to Kalyanmal and Bhagwati Devi on the 16th May 1817 in Fatehpur, Uttar Pradesh. He had his primary education from village schools.

He studied at the Lucknow University for a few years but then dropped out due to financial difficulties. His family had great wealth and he lived with them comfortably until he was 12. Upon dropping


People who have read Prem Chand’s story might have gotten the impression that he was a very happy and carefree person. People who get close to him would eventually see the cruel side of his personality.

Prem Chand was never a bad person but he had a lot of self-confidence and a naivety about him.

The book is written in a simple language, so those who are not used to reading stories from that time may find the story more interesting.

But the narration techniques will definitely excite them. I found the book very interesting and there was a lot of suspense in the story that kept me on pace. The illustrations in the book were also well done.

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Premchand Biography In Hindi

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