Jaya Kishori is a female Indian Hindi-language poet and author writing in Hindi language. Her poems are inspired by the philosophy of Vedanta and are written in such a way that they inspire people to lead a spiritual life. Her poetry is also inspired by Hindu mythology, and she tries to portray the feeling of intense love for God through different emotions like ecstasy, bliss, ecstasy and so on. Her poems speak about the beauty of nature, love of God and the eternal truth of life with an immense quality of emotion. “Kavita” is a collection of many of her poems. Citation: IndiaFM true

Jaya Kishori’s Biography

Jaya Kishori was born in 1965 and currently lives in the United States. Her mother is from Kerala, India, and her father is from Bangladesh. She grew up in a Muslim household, where she learned to recite Quran verses. Kishori’s parents made sure that she attended a private Islamic school as a child. Kishori has one older brother and one younger sister. She briefly dated actor Sanjay Dutt, who was originally from Mumbai, during the 1990s. Kishori later married Danish Hossain in 2000 and had a son, named Jevan, in 2001. Kishori later gave birth to a second child with Hossain, who is a daughter named Jaanisha. The two were planning on having another child and then getting married themselves.

Early Life

Jaya Kishori was born in the Philippines in 1975. Her family moved to the USA when she was very young, before she had even started school. This meant that she missed out on a few years of school before going to college at age 18. In college, Jaya studied biology and chemistry several times before deciding to change her major to pharmacy. Jaya got a job as a drug rep at age 21 and decided to work in her field after six years.

Career. Jaya Kishori has worked in various roles since she started at age 21. She first moved into the pharmaceutical industry, where she was employed as a sales rep for several major companies including Pfizer, Merck & Co., and Wyeth-Ayerst Laboratories. From there, she went to work for Generics Pharmaceuticals Inc., where she has worked since 2001 as a senior sales rep. She is active in various industry groups including the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists, the Women’s Pharmacy Network, and the Women’s Business Owners Alliance. Interests. Jaya Kishori has noted that she supports many charitable organizations, but has not listed any details on her personal website.Personal Life: As previously mentioned, Jaya Kishori was born in 1963 in Bangalore, India. She lives with her husband, Ashok Kishor,


Jaya Kishori was born on 5th of October 1988 in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India. He did his schooling from Delhi and earned his Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Political Science from St. Xaviers College, Delhi University in 2010. In the same year, he also got a job as an Assistant Manager at American Express Financial Services. Kishori graduated from Wharton School with a Master’s degree in Finance, Marketing and Management in 2014. He is also an avid gamer and loves to play Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto V and World of Tanks.He married his long term girlfriend, Nidhi Shukla who was the chairperson of the Goldman Sachs Foundation at Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania in a private ceremony on 2 February 2016 in Mumbai. The couple were blessed with two children names Ankita Jaya and Armani Nikhil. His wife Nidhi Shukla again became a victim when she lost her life

Jaya Kishori - Biography


Jaya Kishori is an Indian actress who has gained a huge fan following with her work in Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu and Hindi films. She has worked in both lead and supporting roles with her most notable performances being in the films “Dhoni” (2006) and “Kochadaiiyaan” (2010). Her recent works were in “Pattathu Yaanai” (2015), “Ekk Deewana Tha” (2017) and “Munnabhai The Great” (2018).

Jaya Kishori was born to Malayali parents in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. She did her schooling from Holy Angels Higher Secondary School, Coimbatore and completed her graduation in arts from Holy Angels College. She has a younger brother and is married to Sridhar G. The couple are the parents of two children, who were born in August 2000 and December 2002 respectively. Her primary occupation was as an interior designer before she started acting.She started working in television commercials at the age of 18 and played the leading role in “Meesukkuyil” (2002), “Aayiram Paartha” (2003) and “Ninaithale Inikkum” (2003). She was cast in the leading role of “Utharayan” in the television series. The show aired on Zee TV in 2007 and she acted in a series of serials for other channels, including Maarana Tha, Sukruthirunal, Nenjathai Killathe, Karakattakkallan Kottun

Jaya Kishori’s Social Media Presence

Jaya Kishori is a popular actress, model and beauty queen who has been featured on the covers of magazines like “All About Beauty” and “The Look”, as well as on the front pages of celebrity magazines such as “Rolling Stone India”.

Final Thoughts

Jaya Kishori is a global spiritual mentor and author. She is currently building a movement that transforms consciousness through science and spirituality, particularly the law of attraction. She is the founder of Jaya Kishori’s Community, a legal and spiritual community for those who wish to rise above the agendas and understandings of mainstream society. Learn more about her at: http://www.JayaKishoricsociety.com . Check out her book The Equation: A Blueprint for Living a Life that Matters HERE

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Jaya Kishori – Biography

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